Avian and Exotics

Our highly trained staff treats birds and exotic pets – such as rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small rodents. We offer: ○ Wellness examinations with a focus on preventative care ○ Husbandry and nutrition counseling ○ Behavior counseling ○ Grooming ○ Nail trims ○ Proper wing trims ○ Beak care ○ Fecal evaluation and [...]

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Pets may require surgery for a number of reasons. When your pet does, it’s important that their veterinary team is skilled, highly trained, and uses modern equipment. Which is exactly what we do! Some of our surgical services include: ○ Spay ○ Neuter ○ Dentals with and without Extractions ○ Cesarean Section ○ Soft Tissue [...]

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