March 21, 2020

Due to the new rules provided by Governor Tom Wolf, we have made amendments to our schedule and our protocols. We are trying our best to stay available to your needs and follow the mandates that are intended to keep us safe and healthy.

We are open for medical cases and non-elective surgeries only. However, a rabies vaccination does fall within these guidelines. Rabies is a public health issue, and we continue to see rabid animals in the county. If your pet is due for routine vaccinations and those include rabies, we are able to schedule you now. If your pet is due for vaccines that do not include rabies, we will have to ask you to wait until the social distancing has concluded.

Our current hours of operation:
Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Walk-ins continue from 9am – 11am.
Closed on Saturdays.

We are running “Curb-side”. When you arrive at the hospital, please park and call us at 717-843-6060. A staff member will arrive your pet in our system. Please wait in your car until a staff member comes out to great you and take your pet inside. The veterinarian will call you and discuss your pet’s health with you over the phone while she is doing the examination. When all is concluded, we will process your visit and bring your pet and your paperwork back out to you.

We are still providing medication refills and prescription foods. Wherever appropriate, we are happy to provide larger quantities than normal so that you may decrease the frequency of your trips to Hill Street.

Whenever possible, please pay by credit card over the phone. We are still accepting cash and checks.

Thank you so much for taking this crisis seriously and working with our hospital, York County and the rest of the country to protect our population. No one is happy about this and we are trying our best to make the necessary changes so that we can keep your pets healthy during this trying time.

George Hartenstein, VMD
Sara Alfano, VMD
Lauren Feroli, DVM
Louisa Hartenstein

March 16, 2020

At Hill Street Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to protecting your pet’s health, your health and the health of our team. Please know that we practice rigorous cleaning procedures throughout the entire clinic. We regularly sanitize our waiting room, exam rooms, treatment areas, bathrooms, counter tops and other surfaces people and animals touch regularly. We use cleaners that are anti-bacterial and anti-viral. We ask our team members who are not feeling well to stay at home.

In an effort to be available to your pets if they are in need and also decrease foot traffic and subsequently possible exposure in our hospital, we are asking that you practice the following with us:

  • If you are feeling unwell and your pet is scheduled for a routine procedure (vaccines, nail trim), please reschedule.
  • If you are feeling unwell but your pet is having a medical issue, please call our office from your car and a staff member will come get your pet and bring him/her into the hospital for care. We can communicate with you throughout the process by phone or from outside your car.
  • We are happy to bring food and medications to your car.
  • We are happy to provide greater quantities of certain prescriptions to decrease the amount of times you may have to venture out to our office.
  • Please be assured we are closely watching how this uncertain time is unfolding and we will try our best to be safe and available to your pets as long as it possible to do so. Please make your health and the health of your loved ones a priority and stay home unless safety dictates otherwise.